Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Weddings SCRIP Flyer

So, another thing in my life that takes up a lot of time, is helping with the SCRIP program at my daughter's school. For those not familiar with SCRIP, here's a quick explanation. Our school buys gift cards at a discount, then sells them to the parents and families at full price. I could go on (seriously, I love SCRIP) but I won't bore you. Feel free to ask any questions though.

I am basically the marketing director of our SCRIP program. I make weekly flyers for the school's newsletter, and I sell the gift cards at all our school functions. The weekly reminder has made a HUGE impact on our program, increasing our sales $30,000 in one year. So I thought I'd start sharing my flyers, and maybe inspire some fellow SCRIP programs.

The flyer above is for our last newsletter of the school year. I just wanted to remind the families what we have, especially if they are attending any weddings. We also sell something called a Card Cubby that helps organize gift cards, and wanted them to think of giving that as a gift as well.

I use Illustrator for all my artwork. And while I can create and use the program with ease, I'm not a professional. So, to make life easier, I purchased the bride and groom graphic on VectorStock.com for only $1.00! It also came with the beautiful blue background. However, I did make changes to the colors of the bride and groom. Our newsletter gets printed in black and white, and I didn't think the dress and veil was going to show up on the light blue background. But since I also post this on the schools Facebook page, I needed some color. To find the graphic that I used, go to VectorStock.com and search for vector ID 949134 the artist is Olillia and she has some pretty amazing designs.

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