Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let's Give it a Try For my Picky Eater #1-Cheese Salad Flatbread Rollup-

Line up the lettuce, cheese and croutons on one side
This will be the first in my series-Let's Give it a Try for My Picky Eater!
Do you have one of those at home? Mine will not eat hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, or pizza. But I'm actually okay with those. I don't have to go get Happy Meals every time she sees the golden arches. It's just an example of what most kids like, and mine refuses to eat. She loves cheese. She loves bread. But we've tried and tried, and cheese pizza is a firm "NO."
So it's time to get creative and maybe a little tricky. For her lunch today, I used Flatout bread I had found at Costco, spread it with a little mayo, then sprinkled a little Ranch dressing seasoning on that. Next time, I might have some actually dressing made and use that instead. Then on one side of the roll-up I put some cut up romaine lettuce  some thinly sliced cheddar cheese (I use a potato peeler) and some croutons.
Start rolling up the side that your filling is on, then cut in the middle. I told her that she had a cheese salad in a roll-up. She seemed okay with the idea, especially since croutons were involved.  But when I picked her up at noon, she had told the teacher it needed to be heated, then she refused to eat it! I don't blame her, it did not look appetizing after the microwave. Oh well. I do think this will work, as long as it stays a "cold" sandwich. I'l be giving it a try again soon.

The finished Flatout-Looks yummy!
You'll need:
1-Flatout (or any flatbread or tortilla)
Lettuce of your choice
Mayonnaise or Ranch dressing