Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's 2012

I was so not prepared for Valentine's day this year. Well, I wasn't prepared last year either, so I guess I'm just continuing a tradition. On February 13, my daughter made her teacher gifts. I had some empty, clean jars previously containing salsa and jelly that she glitterized. I had planned on doing the activity outside, since glitter is so messy. I once saw a quote from a mom that "Glitter is the herpes of the craft world, you never actually get rid of it" But unfortunately, it was a cold and windy day here in So Cal. So out came an aluminum steam pan to contain the mess, Martha's glitter glue, red glitter and the jars.
I only took pictures of the finished products, but the process is so easy, you don't really need step by step visuals.
First, I was in charge of the glue. My girl is 3 and we did not need this project to get really crazy. A thin layer was brushed on then the jar was set inside the pan. Glitter was immediately poured on (she's quick). A lot of glitter was initially used, which was actually fine, because she just kept turning the jar and sprinkling glitter on from the pan.
She did a really good job and the mess was surprisingly well contained. We did take a trip outside to brush off and wash up.
The next steps were all me. I thoroughly sprayed the glittered jars with hair spray, which seemed to keep the glitter on really well. Then with a squeeze bottle of silver glitter glue, I added names and hearts. And done. The teachers can use them as pen holders, vases, or whatever. Considering I already had all the supplies, this really cost us $0

And the other cute Valentine thing I was able to do, was her hair. I did a topsy twist pony adapted from this Youtube video from the CuteGirlsHairstyles Channel. I love how it turned out and it worked really well even though she has thin hair.

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