Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Should be a Super Mom

But alas, I am not.

My husband works hard at his job, so I don't have to get one. He has even had to work out of state, taking time away from his daughter. I'm a Stay at Home Mom, but must be one of the worst, ever. I cannot keep the house organized, I never plan meals, and come up with last minute things to do with my daughter.
I should....

1. Be a better housekeeper.
Sure, I run a shop on Etsy, but still need to make time for cleaning! I make excuses that we don't have enough storage (I mean we don't, but still) So, I need to start off with simple goals. Like tonight after dinner, I will scrub the stove. And maybe tomorrow I will clean the mirrors in the bathrooms. I really should have some sort of chalkboard to write things down, so I can see then checked off.

2. Be a better cook.
I do make waffles about 5 times a week for breakfast, but that is because they are so easy! I never knew how easy they were until I finally bought a waffle maker last Black Friday ($10) My daughter loves mixing the batter, then eating the waffles. For lunch, it is usually a PB&J. That is her absolute favorite. Snacks are yogurt, crackers, cheese, or apples. Dinner is my problem. I totally dropped the ball on introducing her to new foods. She is two now and such a picky eater. When she was first eating, I was creating unique meals and hiding veggies in things like pancakes. Yep, I steamed fresh broccoli then pureed it and mixed it in the batter. I should really do that again with the waffles. You can't taste it. There is somewhat of a green hue, but that's ok. So another new goal, I should PLAN a full meal in advance. Let's start with 2 times a week. I know me, if I try everynight, I'm only setting myself up for failure.

3. Be more creative
Now that I have Pinterest, I think this will be easy. I love finding the simple crafts or sensory ideas for the littles. Plus it is starting to warm up and she loves playing out on the patio with her water table or  painting the sliding doors. She has a little table out there where we could do some of the messier crafts.

4. Schedule
I think that setting up a daily schedule would be the best thing. That way there is time set aside for everything. Time with Avalon, time for my shop, time for cleaning, maybe walking the poor dog, etc.

So I am getting chalkboard paint so I can hack my Ikea magnet boards and start writing these things down.

Because, there is no reason for a messy house, such an incredibly picky daughter or running out of time. I should be a super mom, but I'm not.


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