Thursday, February 2, 2012

Face Painting at Disneyland

She was so good sitting in the chair
Seeing herself for the first time
My daughter recently turned 3 and even though we have annual passes, we made sure to go to Disneyland ON her birthday. My mom had promised her that for her b-day, she could get her face painted. So after getting her Birthday Button at City Hall, we were off to the Princess Fantasy Faire. She was already wearing an arrival Tink costume, so the artist had a suggestion that is no longer on their standard menu. She described a beautiful Venitian mask in silver and white, with swirls and flowers, and it would only cost $17. Well, it's not like we do this every visit, so we went for it. At first I was only going to allow her some flowers or stars around one eye, but the description had me curious.
After a touch up
My little one was so good. She didn't move and let the artist work her magic. It was beautiful. I took video of Avalon seeing herself for the first time, and what a great reaction it was. So, for special events (like once a year), I would recommend the face painting. You also get to come back during they day for touch-ups, and we took full advantage of that!

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