Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Topiary Tutorial

You will need:
Pot or vase
Styrofoam pot filler
4 in Styrofoam ball
sewing pins or glue
moss or other decorative straw
carnation flowers (available here) or other flower appliques
 I opted to use sewing pins instead of gluing the flowers on. Just in case I want to use the flowers for something else later.

Put a pin in one of the bottom layers of the carnation then stick in the ball. Mess around with pattern, or just go random.

This 4 inch ball used 42 carnations! I'm thinking a 2 inch would have done ok
 I carved a hole in the Styrofoam ball the size of the dowel.

Stick the dowel through the floral filler
 Put ball on top.

I actually didn't use any glue for this project. I had planned on wrapping the dowel in grosgrain ribbon, but I needed to get on with other projects.
 I love how this looks on my mantel, really starting to feel that spring is on the way.

Hope you like it!

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