Monday, November 15, 2010

Mini Double Ribbon Hair Clip Tutorial

Mini double bow to attached to alligator, french or snap clips.

You will need clip of your choice, heavy thread, thick needle, salon clip, 5/8 wide ribbon, 3/8 wide ribbon
Now take the 5/8 wide piece (8inches long and ends sealed). With the back of the ribbon facing you, loop one end down to the middle (does not need to be remotely exactly middle) This kind of has the shape of an awarnesss ribbon. Then with the other end, have it loop up the other side. Now you should have a figure 8 shape with the ends facing down in the middle.

No this is where I do something different then other tutorials I've seen. I take the two ends (slightly overlapped) and do a couple of up down stitches to keep them in place. I do NOT stitch them to the main part of the ribbon, just the ends together.

But be sure to sew them after you have done those previous loops, so you have the right shape for next steps. I used to leave them loose and have them get tied down (later steps), but found that adjusting was eaiser and they also don't come loose from your bow.

If may be helpful to put the ribbon on a flat surface now. Push the two end loops toward the center. Here it is helpful to make each side even and clamp with a salon clip (or alligator clip can work too)
Then using heavy thread, wrap twice around middle of ribbon (between clip sides)
On the back side of the ribbon (side where there is an X) make a knot (I loop 2 times) and pull. Knot again, making a square knot to hold. The heavy thread holds well without the bulk of embroidery floss. Trim thread ends. Now you can see if everything looks even, and if it doesn't you can take your finger nail and move the center thread around a little or adjust loops without pulling out the ends!

Now you can glue on the center ribbon or embellishment of your choice and attached to your clips.

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  1. I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks so much!