Thursday, December 10, 2009


Went a little crazy last night. Bought a bunch of flannel and fleece remnants to make my own cloth diapers.
I've bought a few on Etsy and Ebay. Really disappointed with the Ebay ones. My favorite so far is from PrettyPrinted on Etsy. She makes them with side snaps and Apple can take it off like velcro. I just want to give my own a try. I will probably never make any to sell. I'm not a confidant seamstress, although I can hold my own. I won't be making dresses anytime soon though. I also don't plan on buying a snap press for the diapers. 
So I'm thinking I can do something basic for around the house wear and can be closed with a snappi. I think it's just me, but I haven't found a cover or diaper that really prevents fluid from wicking out. So, it is unfortunately disposable diapers when we are out or traveling. At home, she wears a t shirt, socks and diaper. If it's cold, leg warmers are added. We have wood laminate floors so I'm not concerned about a moist diaper.

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